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We’re MAGIC at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

“MAGIC at BCBS-Kansas City brings customer service to the attention of all employees,” explained Robin, Supervisor – HMO & PPO Claims. “MAGIC buttons and ribbons have brought a sense of excitement to the units about customer service. As a trainer, this program gave me the chance to be creative and be in contact with many areas of the company that I would not normally train.

“Each month, our Customer Service Representatives have five of their calls monitored for MAGIC by Quality Assurance. If the representative receives a perfect score on all five calls, he/she is awarded a ribbon with one letter. The goal is to spell MAGIC. When the representative has received all five letters to completely spell MAGIC, the training department gives a special award for the achievement. First-time winners receive a MAGIC clock, second-time winners receive a MAGIC Mug and, for those spelling MAGIC for three times in a row, a gold star is awarded.

“As a result of the awards program, the MAGIC scores have skyrocketed from 11 winners the first month to 30 winners by the end of the year. The program also awards our Technical Specialists and Supervisors in the call center. The Technical Specialists are awarded ‘Tech Spec honors’ for the greatest improvement in MAGIC scores based on the unit’s average between two months. Supervisors are awarded a ‘Traveling’ award for the supervisor with the highest average. If a supervisor receives a perfect unit average, there is special recognition.”

Robin passed her MAGIC wand to Stephanie McIntosh, Technical Trainer and newly certified MAGIC Trainer, to continue the program.

“I have seen tremendous improvement in the MAGIC scores since taking over for Robin,” Stephanie said. “I feel this is the right step in improving our customer service levels at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. In the course of one year, I have already presented more than 160 awards! We have two representatives, Mary Kay Carolla and Paula Chrzanowski, who have spelled MAGIC twice and are on their way to spelling it for a third time.”

“I don’t want to forget about our supervisors and technical specialists because they truly take the program seriously,” continued Stephanie. “One of our Call Center supervisors, Debbie Biggs, supervisor of our Hallmark unit, was a five-time winner of the Traveling award in one year and Barbara Pflumm was a three-time winner of Tech Spec honors in the same year.

“Nancy Creasy, vice president of Customer Service, states she has seen the levels increase and even asked that her directors and supervisors go through a mini-version of the MAGIC program. This allowed them to actually see what the representatives learn and why the improvement is so great.”

Mary Turner, supervisor of Customer Service and Member Service Training, and certified MAGIC trainer, stated her belief in MAGIC and what she likes about the principles of MAGIC.

“The positive effect of MAGIC and the awards program has made a significant impact on our level of service to the customers,” Mary said. “Customer Service Representatives strive to meet the performance expectations. As a result, they receive their award on a monthly basis as well as continue to provide improved satisfaction to our members. We encourage all employees who attend MAGIC training to apply the MAGIC concepts in all areas of their life, not just their Customer Service role at BCBS-Kansas City.”

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