Virtual Training Update

Communico began developing a virtual training option in response to our clients’ needs for a blended approach. With the onset of COVID, this has become the solution for more and more companies faced with remote learning. We have shared about these offerings and here Gregg Barratt summarizes the feedback we have been receiving on our virtual approach to our flagship MAGIC of Customer Relations Program as well as other MAGIC Programs.

  1. Increased learning – with the ability to space out modules, people have the ability to practice in between sessions. Facilitators, who were challenged to deliver a two-day program online, found breaking up the sessions made it easier for them to deliver. They can keep their energy up, engage participants better.
  2. Digital materials – we don’t leave it to you to figure this out. If you are certified in a virtual program, we provide all you need to be successful. Downloadable forms, presentation, Leader’s Guides.
  3. Variety of platforms – and the options available within: whiteboards, polling, breakouts. The ease of use for these has added to the success of the program for both facilitators and participants.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs for virtual delivery. And/or want to share what is going well in your organization. We’d love to hear from you. Stay safe.

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