Catchpoint and Great Customer Experiences

Learn how implementing the right techniques can uncover the “catchpoint” and aid in aligning with the customer’s goals.

Customer Focus Provides Optimal Success

Wally Hauck explains how customer focus provides optimal success. Contains interview with Norma Diaz, CEO of Community Health Group

Want Better Performance? Help Develop Employee’s Emotional Intelligence

How the “soft skills” that make up Emotional Intelligence can play a crucial role in successfully communicating.

Staying Confident in Every Difficult Customer Situation

Have a plan to maintain your confidence, even in the most stressful customer interactions

What’s in a Name? The Sweetest Sound!

Three major reasons why names are especially important when interacting with customers.

Make Common Courtesy Common

A discussion on how to be uncommon-start by making courtesy common practice.

How to Choose Vendors: 4 Stages of Exceptional Customer Experience

Four major stages for creating an exceptional trusting customer experience organization applied to vendor selection.

Higher Quality of Communication Leads to Higher Productivity and Increased Trust

How higher quality communication leads to higher productivity and increased trust

How to Gain Respectful Control When Communicating

Best way to gain respectful control and optimize results for your customer in a customer interaction

Now is the time to invest in your team’s soft skills

With all that is going on in our world now, stress abounds for customers and employees alike.