Audios of the MAGIC® Workout Selections

Sample Calls

These are the twelve MAGIC Workouts available to participants of The MAGIC of Customer Relations program.

Following are descriptions of each as well as a 30-second snippet to aid in the selection of the appropriate ones for your business.

1) Auto Claims

(running time: sample 2:48; exceptional 3:01)

Description: A customer calls regarding her auto claim payment

Purpose: To help associates identify the difference between a "my hands are tied" type of customer interaction and an exceptional one.

Scenario: A claimant is calling the adjuster in order to be reimbursed for her out-of-pocket deductible. She is upset she hasn't already received payment and wants to know when she will receive it.

2) Banking - New Account

(running time: sample 1:48; exceptional 2:33)

Description: A customer calls to check on a new account.

Purpose: To demonstrate the benefits of acting professionally by expressing helpfulness through tone and avoiding casual, vague and blunt language (tragic phrases).

Scenario: A woman calls into a bank to see why her mother’s monthly checks are going into an old account instead of the new one recently created

3) Consumer Products - Defective Product

(running time: sample 2:36; exceptional 2:54)

Description: A customer calls with a complaint about a product malfunctioning.

Purpose: This Workout demonstrates an approach to problem solving that saves the company time and money and leaves the customer satisfied.

Scenario: A customer purchased speakers online and is upset that they did not work at his party.

4) Consumer Products - Product Capability

(running time: sample 1:57; exceptional 2:21)

Description: A customer calls a vendor to check on information about a humidifier.

Purpose: This Workout demonstrates the value of educating the customer with relevant information and of going the extra mile to find the information the customer needed.

Scenario: A customer calls to see if an ointment can be used in the humidifier and not affect its performance.

5) Health Insurance - Medical Claims

(running time: sample 2:00; exceptional 2:10)

Description: A customer calls a claims agent for a status on a claim.

Purpose: This Workout demonstrates how a blend of empathy and a "take action" approach is effective when a customer has experienced a lack of response and is now doubtful of the organization's ability to serve him effectively.

Scenario: A very frustrated customer wants someone to finally tell him the status of his outstanding claim.  He demands an immediate response.

6) Hospitality - Hotel Reservations

(running time: sample 2:11; exceptional 2:14)

Description: A customer calls to request information about the hotel.

Purpose: This Workout demonstrates the value of listening and probing to understand the customer's catchpoint in order to address his real issue.

Scenario: A tour organizer calls to inquire about accommodations for a foreign language group with some "special needs."

7) HR Department - Tuition Reimbursement

(running time: sample 1:56; exceptional 2:51)

Description: An employee calls her Human Resources Department for information and help.

Purpose: This Workout demonstrates how expressing your understanding of a customer's concern, coupled with proactive solutions, is effective when a customer has an immediate need.

Scenario: A relatively new employee, who does not know the organization's practices, calls to inquire about the status of her tuition reimbursement, which she thinks is on its way to her.

8) Insurance - Underwriting

(running time: sample 1:25; exceptional 1:50)

Description: An insurance agent calls the Underwriting Department to check on the status of a new policy application.

Purpose: This Workout demonstrates the impact of an attitude of indifference on a customer, and how focusing on what the customer says creates assurance.

Scenario: An insurance agent contacts his Underwriting Department and is annoyed that an application has not been completed yet, thus affecting his commission.

9) Investment Adviser - Financial Statement

(running time: sample 2:52; exceptional 3:19)

Description: A client calls with questions about his financial statement.

Purpose: This Workout illustrates how to work effectively with a confused and frustrated customer by taking responsibility, and not passing the buck to another department.

Scenario: A client is confused and frustrated by his inability to read his financial statement and takes it out on the company and rep.

10) Mortgage - Closing Date

(running time: sample 2:10; exceptional 2:58)

Description: A customer calls her mortgage broker upset over a change in the closing date.

Purpose: The Workout demonstrates the value of being proactive and offering options or solutions.

Scenario: A customer calls distraught that her closing date has been moved.  She needs to get her children enrolled in a new school system prior to the new date.

11) Storage Unit - Space Availability

(running time: sample 1:59; exceptional 2:37)

Description: A customer calls looking for availability of storage units.

Purpose: This Workout demonstrates the impact of listening to and acknowledging a customer.  It also shows how a using a helpful tone of voice and MAGIC phrases offer security.

Scenario: A customer calls a storage unit facility to see about renting space for her parent’s belongings.

12) Technology - Computer Backup

(running time: sample 2:14; exceptional 2:43)

Description: A customer calls her technology vendor for an urgent problem resolution.

Purpose: This Workout demonstrates the value of acknowledging when an error has been made and offering immediate next steps in the resolution process.

Scenario: A customer calls demanding immediate action on a recurrent IT problem that is impacting her business.

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