Team Problem Solving: The Six Thinking Hats


We can never spend enough time absorbing all the information thrust at us each day. The key to handling this information barrage is in the ability to think clearly. No matter how good we think we are at thinking, we can always improve, because thinking and the ability to learn are the most important strategic advantages a person, or an organization can possess.

Course Objective

Demonstrate a predictable process for thinking clearly. Developed by Edward De Bono, it is known as the Six Thinking Hats.

Course Content

Participants will learn how to use the Six Thinking Hats process to help a group focus their attention in one direction at a time for maximum participation, creativity and productivity.

  • Agreement on action
  • Acknowledgement of all opinions
  • Evaluation of all points of view
  • Everyone feels acknowledged and appreciated for their views
  • All options are identified (that the group is capable of generating)
  • Optimal creativity
  • Shorter meeting times
  • Better decisions
  • Increased fun

Training Method

Interactive 75-minute webinar

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