MAGIC Leadership: Peer to Leader


The transition from being an individual contributor and peer in an organization to becoming a leader is exciting, and also comes with challenges. The new leader’s work relationships with his or her peers will go through some changes, and different levels of assurance and trust will need to be established. This can be a very productive and rewarding opportunity for everyone involved with the right tools, skills and behaviors.

Course Objective

Help individual contributors become leaders, and develop the strong foundation of trust needed to lead their teams to achieve and exceed their goals.

Course Content

This session will:

  • Introduce the seven key MAGIC success factors needed to effectively transition to the leader role
  • Review the MAGIC Leadership model
  • Demonstrate how the three types of messages we send can help you manage relationships and effectively get tasks done
  • Model techniques to help to create trust and inclusion
  • Discuss how to avoid the most common mistakes new leaders make
  • Learn how to identify and leverage your own strengths
  • Learn 3 key key strategies to direct, align and support
  • teams

Training Method

Interactive 75-minute webinar

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