Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Skill of Influence


Being successful in today’s chaotic world takes more than just being good at the technical skills of a job. Each of us must know how to work cooperatively with others to accomplish our goals. We depend on each other more than ever before. This means emotional intelligence skills have become even more important than technical skills for success.

Course Objective

Introduce the concepts of Emotional Intelligence and provide attendees the tools to incorporate it into their workdays.

Course Content

Attendees will learn:

  • The four skills of emotional intelligence
  • How to employ emotional intelligence during a difficult interaction
  • How to create a balance between technical and soft skills to optimize relationships and performance
  • How to support co-workers now that we are most often “alone” in home offices
  • Using emotional intelligence skills to overcome the effects of isolation

Training Method

Interactive 75-minute webinar

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