Effective Presentation Skills


Presentations to internal or external customers are not just an opportunity to deliver information. They’re a chance to motivate your audience, achieve desired results and build relationships. Take your public speaking to the next level to ensure success.

Course Objective

Teach attendees how to present with impact, clarity and credibility – even in challenging situations.

Course Content

The course identifies the specific communication skills and tools needed to give powerful, persuasive presentations. Participants will understand how to:

  • Manage perceptions by connecting with your audience
  • Prepare to tap into your own communication style and tailor your presentation to your customers’ needs
  • Structure your presentation to grab attention from you opening line and hold it throughout your talk
  • Motivate audience participation, overcome objections, create a positive audience reaction, and build stronger relationships with customers.

Training Method

Interactive 75-minute webinar

Bring Effective Presentation Skills to your company