Communico Rapid Learning Webinars

Welcome to Communico’s Rapid Learning Webinar Series - a collection of highly focused, 75-minute webinars designed to help your teams build exceptional customer service skills and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Virtual learning to improve performance

Each webinar is a mini learning bootcamp, and spotlights the key points needed to efficiently develop practical, effective communication and leadership skills.

Delivered by professionals with over 25 years of proven learning and development expertise, these Rapid Learning Webinars are guaranteed to deliver measurable performance improvement in just one hour.

Affordable and effective

Interactive and fast-paced, these sessions are an affordable way to increase employee engagement, contribution and productivity - and help your organization continually deliver customer experiences that generate loyalty and success.

Communico Rapid Learning Webinars

Employee Engagement: Myths & Realities

Learn how to create authentic employee engagement with action steps that help you avoid unintended consequences of mismanaged employee expectations and rewards.

Building Personal Resilience

Understand the importance of developing a personal resilience plan and how to put it into a daily practice.

Change Management in Turbulent Times

Learn your role and responsibilities in managing change and making a personal transition for greater confidence, calm, and productivity.

MAGIC Chat Writing

Learn to use proven MAGIC chat techniques to ensure superior customer interactions and extraordinary experiences.

Assertive Coaching: Influence without Force

Learn and understand how to use a new assertiveness leadership skill to gain deeper cooperation and commitment with less stress on your part.

The Skill of Managing Trust

Learn how to successfully build and manage trust, especially while navigating the challenges of working remotely.

Handling Emotionally Charged Customers

Learn a proven approach for handling difficult interactions in a way that strengthens customer loyalty and decreases stress.

Effective Presentation Skills

Eliminate stage fright once and for all. Learn effective ways to present your ideas and information with impact – whether in person or in a virtual environment.

Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Skill of Influence

Learn the four skills of Emotional Intelligence and how to apply these principles to your daily work and personal interactions.

Team Problem Solving: The Six Thinking Hats

Learn how to dramatically improve your organization’s most critical competitive advantage: how you and your employees think.

Effective Coaching

Discover what it means to coach, as well as the difference between developmental coaching and typical coaching practices through practical exercises and examples.

Communicate with Empathy

Learn what this intangible but highly critical human skill is and how to effectively apply it to significantly improve your work and personal relationships.

MAGIC Leadership: Peer to Leader

Gain insights into yourself and others to become a leader that can influence, inspire and lead individuals and teams to greatness.

Communicating with Style

Assess and understand your communication style and how to improve it to be a more effective communicator with others to build trust, cooperation, and strengthen relationships.

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