Turbo MAGIC: Supercharged Training & Facilitation Skills Workshop

Presentation and Facilitation Skills

For 30 years, Communico has helped develop effective trainers and facilitators who deliver the experiential workshops that lead to amazing results. This program is a perfect offering for professional Development to trainers and facilitators who want to learn the Ticks of the Trade.

Course Objective

What if you could learn the secrets of outstanding training and facilitation? By combining a solid foundation of adult learning theory and a fun experiential learning experience we optimize participant engagement and learning transformation. The workshops we deliver require a very high level of training and facilitation skills to achieve the desired behavioral change outcomes. Participating in the “Tricks of the Trade” will expand your training and facilitation skills to the next level.

Course Content

This workshop will provide secrets of adult learning theory, a review of basic presentation skills, while providing new tools and methods to engage participants and encourage individual discovery and learning, especially in the virtual world.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Reinforce and improve basic training and facilitation skills
  • Optimize participant engagement in face-to-face and virtual worlds
  • Utilize the most useful adult learning theory
  • Leverage the most important responsibilities of a facilitator
  • Optimize the virtual engagement tools
  • Optimize their on-air presence


The live, virtual training can be delivered in one full day or two half-days for up to 8 participants.