The MAGIC Logoof Customer Relations

Make A Great Impression on your Customer® and deliver meaningful and memorable customer experiences. When you choose to create a true MAGIC® culture, you will build trust, strengthen relationships and increase loyalty.

Course Objective

Develop your associates’ ability to deliver exceptional service to every customer—external or internal. Whether that interaction occurs in a contact center, an office, a retail establishment or in a customer’s home, MAGIC addresses your unique phone and face-to-face contacts.

Course Content

Four interactive modules address the skills and attitudes needed to create high-quality experiences for every customer and employee:

"MAGIC has given us a way to create a service culture that brings customers back to do business with us over and over again. It's part of who we are!"

"It's clear that the MAGIC training has made a lasting impact. We have seen customer service scores increase as much as 20%!"
American Modern Insurance Group

Develop the MAGIC Mindset of Service

  • Explore what exceptional service is from the customer’s perspective
  • Define the MAGIC standard of communication

Establish MAGIC Relationships with Others

  • Create the right impression through words, tone and visual choices
  • Restore and strengthen relationships through listening and empathy
  • Build security and trust with MAGIC phrases

Express MAGIC Accountability

  • Discover “the real issue” through listening and questioning skills
  • Express commitments and agreements by using clear and specific language

Handling Difficult Situations with MAGIC

  • Use The Five MAGIC Steps to handle complaints and challenging situations
  • Keep cool under pressure by managing your perception and your response
  • Measure the quality of each contact with The 33 Points of MAGIC Standard

What this means to you

  • Increase associates’ confidence in their ability to handle difficult situations
  • Reduce time spent on unproductive detours in customer conversations
  • Create a contagious, customer-focused culture where associates embrace a service mindset and model it in every touchpoint
  • Deliver consistently exceptional service experiences and achieve measurable results

Training Method

Customized: Realistic job-related scenarios are created for recorded skill practices

Individualized Coaching: Behaviorally-specific feedback is provided to each participant for performance improvement in the class and on the job.

Free Online Reinforcement: Participants receive a free three-month license to access three MAGIC Workouts, our online reinforcement tool.


Course is two days in length and can be adjusted to fit client needs; e.g.: Deliver in consecutive half-days or in two-days, one day or via webinar

Bring the MAGIC of Customer Relations to your company