A Taste of MAGIC

Customer service and responsiveness was ranked “the most important source of competitive advantage” in a recent survey of corporate leaders. For companies to differentiate themselves, they must have a vision of exceptional service and the spirit to make it happen.

Course Objective

A Taste of MAGIC highlights the attitude and skills needed to create a customer-focused culture. The program reinforces the need for everyone in an organization to be consistently MAGIC with external and internal customers. It provides an overview of the principles of The MAGIC of Customer Relations Program.

Course Content

This course introduces the MAGIC model and provides associates the opportunity to hear and assess the impression they make. Topics include:

  • Why MAGIC?
  • Alignment with corporate vision
  • Goals and objectives of the service initiative
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Manage Customer Perceptions
  • What creates an impression over the telephone?
  • The Five MAGIC Steps
  • Greeting exercise for outbound calls
  • MAGIC and Tragic phrases
  • Next Steps
  • Skill Practices and Feedback
  • Summary and Close

What this means to you

A Taste of MAGIC will help employees:

  • Recognize the importance of managing customer perceptions
  • Feel greater enthusiasm for their role in the organization’s success
  • Understand how to Make A Great Impression on Customers, whether they are internal or external

This session will help create the MAGIC spirit needed to build and sustain an exceptional service culture.

Training Method

Each program can be tailored to the specific needs/goals of the organization incorporating tailored skill practices and individual feedback.


A Taste of MAGIC can be designed as a half-day overview/orientation module or as a full-day training session.

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