Service Excellence Alignment Workshop

This program helps an organization create a standard of behavior.

Course Objective

To create and align on a standard of behavior which will lead to an exceptional service culture. This standard of observable behavior will build an environment of trust and make for safe, productive and optimal performance feedback conversations.

Course Content

  • Every participant will be aligned on a specific standard of behavior that will be shared with all employees. Participants are motivated to live this behavior and to influence all staff to be aligned on the same.
  • Senior Leaders (re)introduced to the White Flag® Feedback Process. This process enables everyone to provide feedback about values and behaviors. Employees can freely give feedback to each other and to management.

What this means to you

How it will enhance business competitiveness:

  • Shared values are the foundation for building productive and genuine working relationships. While we need to value our differences and the diversity of the organization, we also need to stress the common values that create a common bond with the constituents.
  • A strong code of values behaviors attracts and keeps the best employees and the best customers.
  • Clear values behaviors result in engaged employees. Engaged employees are loyal and consistently deliver exceptional service.


One day facilitated session with all Senior Leaders or Function Managers for up to eight participants.

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