One-on-One Communication Skills Coaching

As executives take on new roles and responsibilities, they often face more challenging communication demands. They need to be able to send clear, consistent messages and motivate others to action. Every presentation, meeting or interview is an opportunity to position yourself and your organization.

Polish your presentations or sharpen vital written documents. Obtain individualized coaching for upcoming speaking events, whether it's a speech to a large audience, presentation to the board, or a television interview. Letters, memos, reports or proposals -- we either rewrite them to heighten their impact or show you how to achieve your intended results.

Course Objective

To help managers increase self-awareness, tap into their strengths and become the communicator they want to be.

Course Content

This one-on-one coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual. The typical topics and issues addressed are as follows:

  • Discuss personal goals and specific objectives of an upcoming presentation or interview
  • Analyze the key elements of face-to-face contacts and effective presentations
  • Master the introduction and build credibility
  • Videotape, obtain feedback and practice prepared presentations
  • Give feedback on content and graphics/visuals and offer options to increase clarity and impact
  • Practice handling tough questions
  • Identify ways to connect with the audience
  • Discuss the impact of non-verbal communication and obtain personalized guidance

What this means to you

  • Increased confidence and control
  • Enhanced skills and improved delivery of desired message
  • Greater receptivity and trust from the audience

Training Method

Videotaping is a critical element of each coaching session. Objective and constructive feedback is provided in a confidential, personalized setting. Participants are encouraged to focus on the message they need to deliver and the impression they want to make.


Customized for each client, depending on desire and/or needs, progress made, and time between sessions.

Bring One-on-One Communication Skills Coaching to your company