MAGIC® Transformational Leadership

Changing times call for evolving leaders. We need to ask, “Why would anyone choose to follow you?” In MAGIC Transformational Leadership, participants will not only explore this question but learn to lead in a way that inspires others and engages the high achiever within. Leaders begin with a vision for themselves of what kind of leaders they want to be and develop their purpose and direction. And, they learn to communicate in a way that inspires people to commit to the organization’s purpose.

This program helps leaders transform themselves and their teams and develop the strong foundation of trust organizations need to achieve and exceed their goals.

Course Objective

Participants gain insight and skills to lead themselves and others. They learn our leadership model to increase their personal influence in the organization and collaborate with others.

Course Content

This program encompasses:

  • A four‐dimensional leadership model that includes: Personal, Interpersonal, Team, and Systems and Culture masteries
  • Meeting for results –optimize goal setting and decision making
  • Systems thinking – and its effect on customer experience
  • Impact of values on leadership
  • Importance of coaching
  • Improving employee engagement

What this means to you

By exploring each of these areas, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and leverage their own strengths
  • Gain insight into effective interpersonal communication utilizing a communication assessment
  • Learn key strategies to direct, align and support their teams
  • Understand and apply systems thinking to influence the organization’s culture and its effectiveness

Participants explore how leaders communicate to align and inspire others. The focus is on learning what they can control and influence to bring about improved performance in themselves, associates and teams.

This program aligns with the vision and strategies of the organization as well as the internal systems and processes that encourage Transformational Leadership.

Training Method

Each program is tailored to the context of the organization and the specific needs of the audience. The course is highly interactive and practical. Participants explore their purpose and create a personal leadership vision. Using various skill practices, they engage in leading meetings and coaching others.

Through a combination of our proven leadership model, a highly interactive approach, and effective take‐a‐way tools, participants learn to choose their actions and behaviors to support their success.


This is a one or two‐day program. There is a maximum of 15 participants per class.

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