MAGIC® Recertification

Certification allows organizations to build the resident capability to train associates in MAGIC principles and best practices. If a certified facilitator has not conducted a MAGIC program for 18 months or more, s/he needs to be recertified to ensure the quality and integrity of the MAGIC program.

Course Objective

Reengage previously certified facilitators and prepare them to deliver thorough and effective MAGIC programs to their associates.

Course Content

This intensive session will be tailored to the individual, based on his/her experience with the MAGIC program. It will provide of review of key course content to ensure that the participants understand the purpose and flow of each section and how it aligns with their own organization’s service vision. Each participant will prepare and deliver different sections of the program and receive coaching and feedback.

Other topics include:

  • Update on the MAGIC Service Culture System and how to sustain exceptional service
  • Planning to ensure success of each MAGIC program
  • Calibration and feedback using The 33 Points of MAGIC
  • Trainer tips
  • Communico modeling of program content to increase clarity

To be recertified, participants need to demonstrate the following abilities during this program:

  • Solid understanding of the MAGIC course content
  • Constructive feedback that encourages growth
  • Effective facilitation and presentation skills
  • Model the principles of MAGIC with every participant

What this means to you

This is a more cost effective approach for training a larger group of associates. Once recertified, these facilitators can deliver MAGIC to your organization as long as they remain employees. Certified facilitators can also purchase participant manuals from Communico.

Training Method

Prior to the recertification program, participants will be asked to review their comprehensive leader’s guide and prepare to deliver selected sections of content. These presentations will be videotaped and the Communico facilitator will provide individualized feedback and coaching. Participants will also be asked to provide constructive feedback to one another and demonstrate a willingness to learn and develop. There will be evening assignments to ensure they understand how to maintain the integrity of MAGIC and deliver it in the most effective way.


One to three days, depending on class size and the group’s experience with MAGIC.

Bring MAGIC Recertification to your company