MAGIC of Relationship Selling

Every interaction with a customer or prospect is an opportunity to increase sales, satisfaction and loyalty. Customers expect more than a mere transactional approach. The ability to build relationships plays a critical role in obtaining and retaining customers. Prepare your sales and service representatives to make the most of opportunities and handle challenges or objections with grace, savvy and professionalism.

Course Objective

This program shows your associates how to add value and foster relationships in every contact. They will learn how to increase revenue per customer, expand the number of services sold and enhance existing relationships.

Course Content


  • Strategic Context for Selling
  • Objectives

What Does it Mean to Sell

  • Customer-focused Selling
  • The Sales Skills Quadrant
  • MAGIC Selling Process
  • The MAGIC Sales Philosophy
  • The Five Step Model for MAGIC Sales
  • Greetings for Sales Calls
  • Features and Benefits
  • Empathy and Enthusiasm Statements
  • Positioning Questions
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling
  • Managing Issues and Objections
  • Gaining Commitment and Advancing the Sale

The 33 Points of MAGIC Sales

  • The 5 MAGIC Steps
  • Creating a Relationship Culture

Action Plan and Close

What this means for you

More effective telephone and face/face selling skills will enable you to:

  • Increase sales per customer
  • Gain new customers and a greater share of the market
  • Have greater confidence and enthusiasm for sales
  • Enhance relationships, sales and customer loyalty
  • Project a positive image of yourself and your company

Training Method

Realistic objections and skill practices are developed to ensure immediate application of proven methods. Throughout this interactive program, we reinforce strengths and provide behavioral feedback on how to build and sustain sales performance.


This course is usually delivered in one or two days.

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