MAGIC in Difficult Situations

Sustaining a customer-focused culture requires commitment and enhanced skills. This refresher session provides participants with many opportunities to practice and augment their MAGIC skills, particularly in the toughest customer interactions.

Course Objectives

As a result of this session, participants will have:

  • Increased self-confidence using the MAGIC approach and the 33 Points.
  • Enhanced skill in managing the most challenging customer situations.
  • A greater awareness of attitudes and skills in creating exceptional customer experiences.
  • The ability to turn around even the most difficult
  • scenarios

Course Content

Through team-based activities, group discussions, skill practices and feedback, this highly interactive session includes:

  • A lively review of The 33 Points of MAGIC
  • The impact of customer perception on organizational success
  • How to expertly manage challenging situations (including irate, abusive, whining, confused and complaining callers)
  • The benefits of a MAGIC attitude
  • Application of learned skills and knowledge

What this means to you

Mastering MAGIC in Difficult Situations builds on the concepts delivered in The MAGIC of Customer Relations. It provides opportunities for associates to assess their customer contact skills and practice ways to Make A Great Impression on their toughest Customers. The benefits are:

  • Increased motivation to take greater responsibility for their performance and make each contact MAGIC
  • Enhanced mastery in MAGIC, which leads to improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Consistently exceptional service that leads to increased customer engagement and retention.


Each session lasts one-half day for a maximum of ten associates and a minimum of four associates.

Bring MAGIC for Difficult Situations to your company