MAGIC Coaching

The MAGIC Coaching Program is at the heart of building and sustaining an exceptional service culture. While reinforcing MAGIC practices, it helps supervisors and team leaders cultivate associates’ ability to make every contact MAGIC.

Course Objectives

  • Prepare participants to guide, lead and mentor direct reports as they integrate MAGIC in every customer contact
  • Create a team of MAGIC coaches who build relationships while measuring performance consistently and giving constructive feedback
  • Support an organizational standard that delivers consistently exceptional service
  • Create individual accountability for ongoing development as a MAGIC Coach

Course Content

This highly experiential workshop prepares participants for a leadership role in reinforcing and supporting a MAGIC culture. Coaching models are applied to the participants’ specific situations. Skill practices are tailored to their coaching scenarios (such as conversations about MAGIC performance and consistency).

Key content includes:

  • Employee engagement: explore and enhance receptivity to coaching
  • Establish the coaching relationship
  • MAGIC performance: measurement, interpretation and feedback
  • Coach and sustain individual MAGIC performance
  • My Coach Vision, strengths and opportunities
  • Evolving our coaching culture

What this means to you

This program encourages participants to approach their role and contributions in new ways. Through intensive practice and feedback, they discover:

  • The importance of modeling MAGIC skills and attitudes
  • Increased mastery of MAGIC and competence in their role as a MAGIC Coach
  • How to create and sustain coaching relationships that allow associates to grow and flourish
  • An enhanced ability to inspire and support the development of their associates
  • Ways to personally champion MAGIC behavior and align with the organization’s commitment to exceptional service


Two days for a maximum of nine participants

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