MAGIC Champions

This dynamic workshop establishes the foundation for your service training initiative. By creating a community of MAGIC® Champions, you can begin to anchor MAGIC attitudes and behaviors in your organization's culture. Participants experience a first-hand taste of MAGIC, while developing a deeper understanding of a service culture.

They engage in conversations focused on vision-driven business results which build ownership and accountability. This highly interactive workshop develops role clarity, enhancing participants' ability to inspire and support your organization's commitment to MAGIC service.

Course Objective

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe what MAGIC is in a way that engages the hearts and minds of others
  • Begin modeling MAGIC attitudes, skills and behaviors individually and as a team
  • Link MAGIC to company vision and strategy
  • Identify specific drivers and barriers to service excellence within your organization
  • Develop strategies to overcome barriers to creating and sustaining your MAGIC culture

Course Content

This workshop achieves these objectives through:

  • Exploring the core MAGIC philosophy
  • Understanding the dimensions of a MAGIC Service Culture
  • Identifying the core behaviors of MAGIC Champions
  • Creating Guiding Principles and measures for team success
  • Establishing the linkage to vision and strategy
  • Exploring your organization’s drivers and roadblocks to service excellence

What this means to you

Through this process, participants will:

  • Model a sense of urgency and enthusiasm for creating MAGIC relationships and results
  • Clarify success measures and take ownership of the results
  • Select a MAGIC Champion or Sponsor for the initiative.


One-half to two days depending on scope and complexity.

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