Call Assessments

Call Assessments are measured with Communico's proprietary The 33 Points of MAGIC, a standard that rates and ranks the effectiveness of behaviors to ensure consistent delivery of exceptional service.

What this means to you

Call Assessments provide three major benefits:

  1. Calibration – in moving to a standard, there may be a pressure to award points in an effort to make people feel good. The standard is something to be developed over time. Accurate assessment is important to avoid inflated scores that don’t reflect true performance.
  2. Tracking and Reporting – in the early stage of implementation, it’s helpful to establish a baseline or benchmark for tracking progress over time. This enables training and customer service managers to show the impact of the training over time.
  3. Data Analytics – by aggregating the results of multiple assessments, you may identify patterns and themes revealing areas of strength and needed development.


Call Assessments can capture and measure 25 calls prior to training, and 25 calls post training.

This can also be done at any time if you want to take a pulse check on your service calls. A minimum of 50 calls is required.

Bring Call Assessments to your company