It's MAGIC® – Performance that Drives an Exceptional Service Culture

The 33 Points of MAGIC® is Communico's unique, proprietary performance measurement tool for any customer interaction (internal or external).

Through over 20 years of research on client perception and best practice behaviors, Communico identified the 33 key elements that form the basis of a customer's impression of service in every contact. We organized these elements or "points" into what we call the Five MAGIC Steps, which mirror the flow of a customer contact, from greeting to close.

Companies that engage Communico for a MAGIC training initiative gain access to the 33 Points, and are able to establish a consistent service standard, and then monitor, measure and coach to that standard for long-lasting results.

Customer Perception and the Quality Service Index

One of the key benefits of the 33 Points is that it can help you assess your service culture. The Quality Service Index illustrates how the 33 Points impact an organization's culture and customer perception. Our research showed that:

  • If your organization scores 1- 18, then customers perceive your service to be Discouraging.
  • If your organization scores 19 - 22, then customers perceive your service to be Indifferent.
  • If your organization scores 23 - 25, then customers perceive your service to be Routine.
  • If your organization scores 26 - 28, then customers perceive your service to be Very Good.
  • If your organization scores 29 - 33, then customers perceive your service to be Exceptional.

When you combine a MAGIC training initiative with the 33 Points, you can move your organization from a culture that costs you money (score of 1 – 25) to a culture that makes you money (score of 26 – 33).

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