MAGIC® training and development
Create an exceptional customer experience, every time.

MAGIC = Make A Great Impression on the Customer

MAGIC® programs deliver hands-on, simulation-based, experiential learning. Empathy, respect, caring, and accountability are at the core of MAGIC, and the reason why these programs transform behaviors from transactional to relational.

Experience a meaningful and productive impact on day one.

Your associates will:

  • Improve their interactions whether on the phone, email, chat, text, or face-to-face
  • Learn and apply new skills to scenarios they face every day
  • Instantly hear or see the MAGIC difference in their communications
  • Conquer even their most challenging and emotionally charged interpersonal situations

Every program is tailored to actual job-related scenarios, and includes individualized coaching for behaviorally-specific feedback, plus free online reinforcement.

"I gained an understanding of what to look for in a great interaction with a customer and how to guide employees to improve their own interactions."
Mortgage Insurance Co.

MAGIC® Programs and Services

The MAGIC® of Customer Relations

Develop the skills and attitudes to provide exceptional service, over the phone or face-to-face.

Length of course: 2 days; flexible
Class size: 6-10

MAGIC® Coaching

Sustain your training investment by helping supervisors and managers coach their associates to consistently model the organization's standards and values to increase employee compliance, engagement and MAGIC® performance.

Length of course: 2 days
Class size: 1-9

MAGIC® Email

Write clear, customer-focused emails that get results and Make a Great Impression on your Customer.

Length of course: 1 day
Class size: 6-12

MAGIC® of Collections

Learn the skills and attitude needed to be consistently effective and successful in collections by using a cooperative approach.

Length of course: 2 day; flexible
Class size: 6-12

MAGIC® of Relationship Selling

Increase your revenue per customer while enhancing relationships.

Length of course: 1-2 days
Class size: 10

MAGIC® Certification

Build resident capability to deliver MAGIC training in a cost-effective way throughout your entire enterprise.

Length of course: 2-4 days
Class size: 1-6


Deliver clear, concise, and professional chats every time. Learn to respond with greater confidence.

Session is tailored to meet the group’s needs. Different formats, including virtual delivery can be arranged.

A Taste of MAGIC®

Increase awareness of MAGIC attitudes and skills.

Length of course: 1/2 - 1 day
Class size: 5-25

MAGIC® Transformational Leadership

Why would anyone choose to follow you? Participants in this program will explore this question, and learn to lead in a way that inspires others and engages the higher achiever within.

Length of course: 1-2 days
Class size: 15

MAGIC® Leadership
From Contributor to Leader

Supports individuals to transform themselves into leaders, and develop the strong foundation of trust teams and organizations need to achieve and exceed their goals.

Length of course: 1-2 days
Class size: 15

Service Excellence Alignment Workshop

Learn how to create and align on a standard of behavior for your organization, which will lead to an exceptional service culture.

Length of course: 1 day
Class size: 8

MAGIC® Refresher

You've taken MAGIC, now move into MAGIC in Action. Participants will dive deeper into the MAGIC of Customer Relations and how it directly applies to them.

Length of course: 1/2 day
Class size: 6-16

MAGIC® in Difficult Situations

Increase your revenue per customer while enhancing relationships.

Length of course: 1/2 day
Class size: 4-10

MAGIC® Presentation Skills

Learn specific attitudes and communication skills needed to present a message with professionalism and grace.

Length of course: 1-2 days
Class size: 6-8

Call Assessments

Associate calls are assessed pre and post-MAGIC programs using our 33 Points of MAGIC to ensure consistent, outstanding service. Assessments establish a baseline and show quantified improvement.

Minimum of 50 calls.

One-on-One Communication Skills Coaching

Increase your self-awareness, tap into your strengths and become the communicator you want to be.

Length of course: Customized
Class size: 1

MAGIC® Recertification

Renew your MAGIC certification skills and update your awareness of new content if needed.

Length of course: 1 day
Class size: 1-2

Turbo MAGIC: Supercharged Training & Faciliation Skills Workshop

This workshop covers adult learning theory, a review of presentation skills, and provides new tools and methods to engage participants and encourage individual discovery and learning, especially in the virtual world.

Length of course: 1 day
Class size: Max 8

MAGIC® Champions

Establish the foundation for your MAGIC Service Culture training initiative and prepare Champions to support it.

Length of course: 1/2 - 2 days
Class size: 6-24

Enhance the power of your MAGIC training initiative

Become an in-house MAGIC® facilitator.

MAGIC® certification is available for in-house facilitators for many of our core courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can MAGIC improve your “Net Promoter Score”?

Answer: “96% of our respondents say customer service plays a role in their choice of and loyalty to a brand.” (Microsoft, 2017)

The 33 Points of MAGIC provides a standard of behavior which enables organizations to measure and predict NPS. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a one question survey intended to measure customer loyalty and predict business growth. Customers are asked: “How likely will is it you would recommend on a scale of 1 – 10 where “10” is Highly Likely and “1” Not Likely at All.

Promoters are those who score a 9 or a 10. Passives scare a 7 or 8. Detractors score between 0 and 6. NPS = % of Promoters minus % of detractors.

NPS helps organizations measure customer loyalty across the entire customer journey. Some claim it helps predict growth in revenue and profitability. MAGIC can help predict NPS. The higher the percentage of the 33 points observed during an interaction (across all communication channels) the higher the NPS and therefore the higher the growth in loyalty, revenue, and profit.

Question: How can MAGIC reduce complaints and customer dissatisfaction?

Answer: “The top 10 companies in the Global Empathy Index 2015 increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom 10, and generated 50% more earnings…” (Parmar, 2016)

MAGIC encourages identifying, listening to, and answering customer complaints. Research shows 95% of your customers will do business with you again if you resolve their problem quickly and fairly. And they will likely refer others to you. (Study by Technical Assistance Research Programs (TARP), 2013) Other research tells us that an appropriate response to an angry customer results in them not just being loyal but spending more. (Wayne Huang, 2018)

MAGIC will help you protect the relationship, identify the key issue(s), and partner with your customer to identify the ideal solution. One of our clients has recognized that MAGIC can provide a way to respond appropriately to challenging customers while staying within company policy.

Question: How can MAGIC reduce employee turnover (improve employee engagement)?

Answer:A startling 98% of managers surveyed feel managers at their company need more training to deal with important issues such as professional development, conflict resolution, employee turnover, time management, and project management.” (Research, 2016)

When employees have the tools necessary to do their job they can be trusted and empowered and their motivation soars. When employees are respected and empowered (intrinsically motivated) they tend to stay.

Employees are internal customers of management. MAGIC provides management with the tools to treat employees like customers. Managers can model the behaviors they want employees to model with their external customers.

Question: Has working from home negatively impacted service? How can MAGIC help?

Answer: “89% of companies will compete primarily on the basis of CX in the near future.” (Kulbyte, 2021)

Many organizations found themselves off balance in early 2020 when the pandemic and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control (CDC) caused instant shutdowns of workplaces. Overnight their workforces were remote. This change and other factors caused many customers to experience deteriorating service quality and speed.
It is understandable. The “instant change” to remote working required associates to learn new policies, experience more frequent interruptions, be challenged with technology, lack of access to materials located at the offices, heightened and more frequent emotional responses from customers, and more complex issues to resolve.
MAGIC helps associates to gain respectful control of all interactions, appropriately respond to difficult situations, manage emotional reactions, all the while creating an impression of respect and accountability.

Question: How can MAGIC help your Information Technology (IT) Department improve their efficiency and brand image?

Answer: IT professionals often seem to speak a completely different language. They are so knowledgeable, and their knowledge is highly technical and constantly evolving to keep up with the advances and improvements. Therefore, the IT vocabulary also continues to evolve. At Communico we distinguish between MAGIC phrases which enhance trust and communication and Tragic Phrases which put distance between you and the customer.

MAGIC helps all technical professionals create options to avoid Tragic phrases. When technology professionals use MAGIC phrases, they can identify and solve highly technical issues more quickly the first time.

Question: How can MAGIC reinforce the need and efficacy of the most frequently missing and essential skill of being empathic?

Answer: The need of the ability to express empathy in creating a great customer experience cannot be overstated. Expressing empathy correctly (at the right time in the right way) will prevent and help resolve interpersonal conflicts. (David, 2021) It helps us build our relationships, trust, and gives us influence to improve cooperation.
MAGIC defines empathy, helps participants to understand the difference between empathy, sympathy, and apologies (both appropriate and inappropriate). MAGIC uncovers and clarifies confusion about the definition and use of empathy for the purpose of optimizing the customer experience. Creating exceptional service cannot be complete without the skill of empathy.