Community Health Group

Project Summary: Community Health Group

Community Health Group is a non-profit health maintenance organization based in California. For over 25 years, the company has provided high-quality affordable health coverage to families throughout the San Diego region. As one of the oldest health plans in the country, they are dedicated to taking care of every member whenever there is a health concern, no matter how large or small.

Business Need

Norma Diaz, Chief Executive Officer, is committed to Communico’s MAGIC® of Customers Relations to deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience. She also recognized that this element will impact member satisfaction and retention.

Goals of the Project

  • Build and sustain a service-focused culture
  • Ensure that service levels continue to exceed member expectations
  • Develop associates’ ability to coach and provide effective performance feedback

What We Delivered


“We find that the results of the training invaluable to our future success”, noted Diaz.

  • Participants deepened their awareness of a service culture and barriers to excellence
  • The MAGIC attitude and behaviors spread quickly to other departments
  • The team gained heightened service and coaching skills, and felt valued and important
  • They noticed a dramatic improvement in the feedback from members and physicians

Learning Points

  • “Coaching laboratories” allowed associates to practice performance coaching and feedback.
  • When associates know their opinions are valued, their positive energy is reflected in the way they interact with customers.
  • They learned how to uncover developmental issues and take ownership of their solutions.

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