Now is the time to invest in your team’s soft skills

I’ve recently been receiving feedback from clients around soft skills training.

In a perfect environment, soft skills training is critically important to engage customers, build relationships, close sales – all different reasons to have a high level of soft skills expertise.

Think about what’s going in in our economy and across our country: everything’s changed, people are working from home, lots of divisiveness going on. People are stressed, both our customers and also your staff and employees

Customers are already upset when they are calling in, they’re confused, they have a dog running across their screen, or a child or significant other at home, and the level of skill your teams need, to not only satisfy your customer but to make a great experience, is even more pronounced now

Think about the empathy required to acknowledge someone’s emotions or the skills required to build a relationship on an interactive phone or Zoom call. That’s exactly what we do in MAGIC.

Clients are recognizing that even though they are stressed and budgets are no good, they are saying now is the time we should be investing in our people to make the customer experience even better than it normally is. “We want to engage MAGIC in your new virtual delivery programs and the time is right.”

Speaking for myself, I’m on back-to-back Zoom calls, and I find changes in my body language and tone from call to call. I know what it takes. We can help you make every interaction so positive that your client and your employee will want to have another.

Give us a call and let’s talk about the skills your employees need to make the customer experience MAGICal and how we can help.

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