Keeping Next Generation Leaders Loyal and Inspired

How can you keep high potential next generation leaders loyal and inspired?  Communico’s Transformational Leadership workshop addresses their needs and prepares them to lead in today’s environment.  Watch this 4-minute introduction

We are confident you have identified your high potential next generation leaders.  Do you have a plan to keep them loyal and inspired? They don’t often stay in one workplace very long unless their needs and attitudes are taken into account.  Have you considered these common characteristics?

  • They enjoy more formal education than earlier generations. 
  • They appreciate more frequent and effective communication, being kept in the loop, and value regular feedback.
  • They grew up in an electronic and online environment that created their eagerness to acquire new skills.
  • They are tech savvy, curious, confident, and team oriented. They tend to seek new challenges at work and are not afraid to question authority.
  • They want to be part of organizations that are aspirational, inspirational, meaningful and current. 
  • They put a high value on work-life balance. If excited about their jobs, they work efficiently and hard. However, they will trade higher pay for more flexibility.
  • They value straightforward management and recognition and want to know their work will be making a difference.

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