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Colonial Supplemental Insurance: MAGIC Innovations

Here is a letter sent to the MAGIC Service Newsletter by Carol Ragon at Colonial Supplemental Insurance. In it Carol discusses a fun and innovative way that she uses MAGIC to enhance their culture of service excellence.


My name is Carol Ragon and I work for Colonial Supplemental Insurance, a subsidiary of Unum Provident Corporation, in Columbia, SC. I am a Quality Assurance Analyst. I have a partner, Miriam Arnold and together we live and breathe MAGIC in the Policyholder Services Call Center. Here in Columbia we exemplify MAGIC! Miriam and I teach MAGIC classes and I am a Master certified MAGIC trainer.

We often see ideas that other companies use to promote MAGIC. I would like to tell you about our annual MAGIC Store promotion for our Call Center representatives. This has become a favorite yearly promotion based on MAGIC and has grown to epic proportions in the last 4 years.

I have attached 2 flyers (click on links below for samples) that we use to promote our store. One is the main flyer that goes out to announce the upcoming store. The other attachment is the parameters set to earn “MAGIC Bucks!” We allow reps to earn their MAGIC Bucks over a 5 month period.

Early in the year, we start gathering useable items from garage sales, clearance aisles and any sale items to put in our MAGIC Store. Managers and representatives also donate useable items from home that they no longer want or need. The employees get great pleasure from seeing “one man’s junk become one man’s treasure!”

Items can be anything from toys, stuffed animals, and books, to household items. We create a “Book Store” for those who love to read and we have a “Bake Store” with donated items from our best cooks in the department! We also have a raffle for new items donated from members of the department, which last year included zoo tickets, a new portable phone, a ratchet set, a bug zapper and a gift set of games. This is a cost effective and fun way to motivate and educate our Call Center.

The store lasts for two days and representatives can visit the store, which is set up in 2 conference rooms, on their breaks or during lunch times. We stay focused on meeting our business needs and at the same time motivate our representatives. As the second day winds down, we have a “madness clearance” and “5 for a dollar” sale. The excitement this generates is something to see! We take pictures of excited faces and huge smiles.

Most of all, MAGIC is promoted throughout all of this. It allows our representatives to practice their skills and 33 points to earn their MAGIC Bucks. It helps them discover that MAGIC can generate compliments and enhance customer service with both internal and external customers. It creates joy and makes a great impression on all involved! We are often told that MAGIC “spills over” into personal lives, with spouses and children. It makes them aware of the great customer service that others give and they in turn will give a magical compliment to their server. MAGIC goes a long way to create good will in this world. Please know the MAGIC is alive and well at Colonial Supplemental Insurance!

– Carol Ragon and Miriam Arnold

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