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Colgate-Palmolive: Information Center Creates MAGIC

A unique and successful MAGIC® service culture is being created by the dedicated team at Colgate-Palmolive‘s HR Information Center. This busy Center at only 16 months old had already achieved magical results while handling a wide range of issues, including ex-patriate questions, benefits, training, and 401(k) plans. Through the leadership of the New York City center’s manager, John Garrison, the entire team was able to meet for a day to map out future challenges and build stronger team relationships. That’s right! The whole team was off the phones for one day. And, according to team members, it was time well spent.

Through experience and discovery the team found ways to reinforce Colgate-Palmolive’s vision that shareholder value is created by committed and caring professionals. Garrison said, “We see that shareholder value is based on more than just numbers. Call center reporting and statistics may be important, but they are secondary to building trust and strengthening relationships.” This community of leaders at Colgate-Palmolive clearly sees how MAGIC can help them build and sustain a customer-focused culture aligned with their values and vision.

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