Are Your Employees Trusted Advisers?

Are your employees seen as trusted advisers in the eyes of your customers?  Imagine the value that perception would that bring your business. It is immeasurable.  If your customers do not see you and your employees as trusted advisers, how DO they see you?  Donna Greene, Executive VP of Human Resources at NextGen Healthcare, wants…

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Customer Focus Provides Optimal Success

Is it fair to say that all organizations need to be customer focused to be optimally successful? Is it also fair to claim that being customer focused is only going to become more important for business success? According to recent research by Kustomer, a CRM Platform organization, next to price, the quality of service is…

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Colonial Supplemental Insurance

Colonial Supplemental Insurance: MAGIC Innovations

Here is a letter sent to the MAGIC Service Newsletter by Carol Ragon at Colonial Supplemental Insurance. In it Carol discusses a fun and innovative way that she uses MAGIC to enhance their culture of service excellence. Diane, My name is Carol Ragon and I work for Colonial Supplemental Insurance, a subsidiary of Unum Provident…

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Colgate-Palmolive logo

Colgate-Palmolive: Information Center Creates MAGIC

A unique and successful MAGIC® service culture is being created by the dedicated team at Colgate-Palmolive‘s HR Information Center. This busy Center at only 16 months old had already achieved magical results while handling a wide range of issues, including ex-patriate questions, benefits, training, and 401(k) plans. Through the leadership of the New York City center’s…

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