Are Your Employees Trusted Advisers?

Are your employees seen as trusted advisers in the eyes of your customers?  Imagine the value that perception would that bring your business. It is immeasurable.  If your customers do not see you and your employees as trusted advisers, how DO they see you? 

Donna Greene, Executive VP of Human Resources at NextGen Healthcare, wants every employee behaving like a trusted adviser. This is a strategic initiative for her and her department. This is one reason she chose Communico and the MAGIC of Customer Relations to help her. I interviewed Donna about this initiative – you can watch the full interview below.

What factors are required to accomplish this?  Donna discusses three. Employees must: 

  • Put service first (especially for customer facing employees).
  • Have the tools to behave as trusted adviser.
  • Be empowered to partner with customers who need special accommodations.

Putting Service First

This is a mindset. Do employees appreciate and believe they can and will treat everyone as a customer? Do they realize the impact they have and that every interaction is an opportunity to increase trust?

The Tools of a Trusted Adviser

Knowing the behaviors is not enough. Insights, practice, and a measuring system that enables coaching are also required. If you want to a culture of exceptional service, tools, coaching, and feedback are needed.

Partner with customers who need special accommodations

What happens when a customer needs special accommodations? How can an employee respond within policy and yet be empowered to solve problems that the current process may not fully address?

Donna explains how the MAGIC of Customer Relations can provide the tools and environment necessary to transform everyone into trusted advisers and handle those special situations. 

“You don’t have to teach the grass to grow…  you just need to get the rocks out of the soil and off the top.”  – Anonymous

By providing these three factors, employees can become trusted advisers that partner with customers to not just create a great experience but also continuously improve the future interactions and create solid trusting relationships.

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