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Our philosophy for service success

Build a MAGIC® Service Culture
Create exceptional customer experiences, every time.

The quality of a company's service culture dictates the quality of their customer experiences. Period. Culture drives service, and the customer experience is the product of that service culture, for better or for worse.

We work with leaders worldwide to inspire extraordinary service cultures–MAGIC cultures–where employees at every level embrace and live into an “everyone is my customer” mindset. When that mindset is operationalized, service and the resulting customer experience radically improve.

Guided by our 30 years of service knowledge and experience, we established a working philosophy of the essential five pillars of a successful service culture. They are the foundation of our MAGIC approach and programs, and the strategy we activate with clients to inspire service cultures that generate loyalty, and drive growth through exceptional service and customer experiences.

The 5 Pillars of a MAGIC® Service Culture
A strategy for exceptional service

1. Shared Service Vision and Values

A clearly stated, compelling, shared service vision and organizational values frame and define an exceptional experience for your employees and customers. Once established, they inspire and support service excellence throughout your organization.

2. Service‐Focused Leaders

When leaders at all levels passionately model the service mindset, value the contribution of every employee, and focus on constantly improving the customer’s total experience, their actions can drive immense returns.

3. Consistent Service Delivery and Measurement

It is vital that standards for service delivery are clear, consistent and integrated. Only then can established measures for face‐to‐face, phone and e‐interactions be shared and consistently practiced internally, and with customers.

4. Developmental Training and Coaching

Employees need to be trained to develop the attitude and communication skills needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Developmental performance coaching supports training, and identifies service contributions, and promotes individual growth.

5. Systemic Improvement and Reinforcement

Systems and processes throughout the organization are continually measured, improved and aligned with the service vision and values.

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