Wally Hauck

Wally Hauck, PhD, CSP
Senior Vice President

Wally has over 22 years of experience in sales, marketing, sales training, consulting, leadership training, and quality improvement. His passion for creating employee engagement started by learning what not to do at a Fortune 500 company, and then learning the right things to do by working with leading experts in Dr. W. Edwards Deming's Theory of Profound Knowledge.

He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.B.A. In Finance from Iona College, and a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Warren National University.

I am committed to helping leaders create engaging environments that allow people to optimize their talents and potential. I believe Communico plays an important role in helping me live into my commitment.

Wally is the author of The Art of Leading: 3 Principles for Predictable Performance Improvement and Stop the Leadership Malpractice: How to Replace the Typical Performance Appraisal.

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Wally Hauck