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Sherril Harris

Senior Training Consultant

For over 20 years Sherril has been helping professionals leverage self-reflection and empathy to tap into what customers and colleagues really want, cultivate solution-oriented thinking, and create vibrant workplace cultures that attract and retain top talent.

I believe that the true wingspan of our humanity is measured not by how many people we can reach but by how many we can touch. Great leaders understand that the strength of their organization lies in fostering a culture of connection that transcends the transactional. By valuing and prioritizing what is human in our customers and colleagues we can take our businesses to new heights and inspire others to fly alongside us.

Sherril is a Certified Professional Coach through IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) with certifications in The Science of Happiness, Social Psychology, Social & Emotional Intelligence, and Applied Neuroscience.  A practitioner of non-violent communication, Sherril is also adept at conflict resolution and navigating difficult conversations.

Sherril Harris 300x300