Gregg Barrett

Gregg Barratt   Executive Vice President

Gregg is an experienced leader and a nationally recognized professional in the training and organizational development field. He has designed and conducted high-impact, interactive leadership and behavioral skills training and development initiatives for large corporations and dynamic entrepreneurial firms worldwide.

Gregg brings over 20 years of expertise in speaking and consulting with organizations on Leadership and effective change management strategies. He is highly proficient in developing and implementing innovative employee engagement programs in call center and other professional settings, developing competency frameworks to drive behavior change, performance management and measurement systems, and call-center design and development.

I believe people sincerely want to improve, and will rise to the occasion when given an opportunity to reach their potential.

Gregg has held leadership positions with Frontier Communications, Pitney Bowes, RJ Nabisco, Aetna Financial Services and BIC Corporation where he has been responsible for nationwide and global organization development and training. In addition to his training and consulting experience, Gregg is an avid supporter of Veterans and 1st Responders. He has supported small and large-scale critical events, including The Sandy Hook shooting, and 9/11/2001 at the World Trade Center in New York.

Gregg has BS in Industrial Psychology and has completed extensive graduate work in Organizational Psychology and Human Resources.

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Gregg Barrett