Our Team

Our team's diverse backgrounds blend to inspire and provoke optimism, transformation, and achievement for all the individuals and organizations we are privileged to work with.

Executive Leadership Team

Dedicated to helping clients create and leverage growth opportunities through exceptional service, Communico's leadership team focuses on facilitating and supporting continual organizational development and improvement.

Wally Hauck, PhD.

Senior Vice President

Gregg Barratt

Senior Vice President

Anne Koproski

Director of Operations

Client Services

Bringing relevant, personalized service training and development solutions to clients is our specialty. We dig deep and partner with each client to help them conquer their most perplexing service challenges, and open the pathways to growth.

Keeping all systems running at peak efficiency is our priority. Ensuring we are always ready and able to service our customers is our goal.

Tom Schiappa

VP, Client Solutions

Mary Durant

Training & Sales Coordinator


Devoted to cultivating the MAGIC within people, Communico's expert facilitators, trainers and coaches work along side each sales and service representative they train. Their goal is to understand each rep's needs and challenges, and help fortify and leverage their skills and strengths to create exceptional experiences for their internal and external customers.

Virginia Anderson

Training Consultant

Talethea Best

Senior Consultant

Steve Cohn

Senior Consultant

Grace Dennison

Master Facilitator

Jean Marie Johnson

Master Facilitator

Randye Kaye

Master Facilitator

Connie Kelly

Master Facilitator

Cheryl Kuhn

Master Facilitator

Steve Lamm

Master Facilitator

Martha Mendoza

Master Facilitator

Brian Cole Miller

Master Facilitator