Exceptional service drives exceptional growth

Exceptional customer service – the kind that creates lifelong customers – defines a company's reputation, and helps drive growth.

At Communico, we believe people make the difference, and they can be trained to create memorable, meaningful customer experiences.

Whatever your goals may be – to increase employee engagement, build empathy and respect, improve customer satisfaction, develop self-empowered individuals, or lead a change initiative we have solutions to help you make a tangible, measurable long-term difference.

As a leading development company, we've trained thousands of the best sales and service associates to win the hearts and business of millions of customers worldwide.

We know how to help inspire exceptional service cultures. In fact, we wrote the book on it!

How to Talk to Customers: Create a Great Impression Every Time with MAGIC
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Why Communico?

People want to be heard. That is the foundation of what we believe and teach. Our hands-on training instills both compassion and competence so people feel heard, and relationships flourish.

Every day, we work with leaders to inspire exceptional service cultures that engage, elevate, and bring out the full potential in their sales and service teams.

Our training is different and better because it is:


Using job relevant, real-work scenarios, our training transforms behaviors from transactional to relational. Employees gain a renewed appreciation of themselves and their critical role in contributing to the organization. Our unique method allows people to see or hear themselves delivering new skills, become the observer of their own behavior, and own their performance. This brings out the high-achiever in everyone.

Tailored and Measurable

Every program is tailored to each client's unique culture, service standards and business needs. Though the principles are consistent, the context and delivery are always adapted for a flexible, personalized experience. Our methodology is measurable and enhances coaching relationships. What gets measured gets managed. Measure what matters.

Human Focused

We reinforce and leverage the necessity and value of human interaction. Based on years of research and experience, our programs instill respect, empathy, caring and accountability as the core principles of relationship development and sustainability.

Proven MAGIC®

Our MAGIC system and programs are the culmination of our thought leadership in customer experience, customer service training, relationship development, transformation, reputation management, and culture change. MAGIC is a proven process for sales and service improvement, and delivers measurable return on your investment. Every time.

Our vision

We partner with clients to inspire, build and sustain exceptional service cultures to elevate employee and customer experiences.

We believe strong, effective partnerships are a result of building trust through respect and accountability.

We do this by consulting, developing and training individuals and organizations to make every interaction MAGIC. We...

  • embrace a shared mindset that everyone is your customer
  • strengthen relationships and build customer and employee loyalty
  • provide a measurable standard for driving business results