Inspiring New Enthusiasm At Work When You’re Feeling Apathetic

15 Ways To Inspire New Enthusiasm At Work When You’re Feeling Apathetic

A recent post from the Forbes Coaches Council section: “When you start a new job, you’re usually excited about all the new possibilities and opportunities. But after a few years, it’s easy to lose that excitement—especially if you weren’t particularly thrilled about the job in the first place.

“While in some cases this loss of enthusiasm can indicate a need to find another position, many cases simply warrant a change in attitude. Even the members of Forbes Coaches Council and their clients have experienced these slumps, but they’ve also discovered how to move past them.” Tom Larkin, a Forbes Coaches Council member, shared his inspiration.

Look At Work As A Personal Branding Opportunity Renew your enthusiasm in a couple ways. Think yourself into a new way of behaving or behave yourself into a new way of thinking. Both can spark enthusiasm and energy. After the new job starts becoming ho-hum, consider your work as a personal branding opportunity. Consider every interaction and work output a matter of brand. Develop a checklist of your reputation behaviors you want to be known for .

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