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Your company's reputation affects every aspect of your business from employee and customer loyalty, to sales and more. Customer service is the path to build and maintain a reputation that drives growth.

For over 30 years, Communico has coached leaders, trained customer service associates, and helped companies worldwide deliver service they can stake their reputations on. We can do the same for you.

Let's build a service culture you can stake your reputation on

We work with companies worldwide to help them Make A Great Impression on the Customer®, in every single interaction. That's the foundation of our proprietary MAGIC® philosophy and programs, and our promise to you.

Our focus is to guide and support leaders to build MAGIC Service Cultures that galvanize reputations, generate loyalty, and drive growth through exceptional service.

A MAGIC Service Culture is one where

  • Employees embrace an “everyone is my customer” mindset
  • A clearly stated, shared service vision supports excellence
  • Leaders are service-focused and value employee contributions
  • Consistent service standards are integrated and continually practiced
  • Training provokes individual growth, confidence and success
  • Processes are systematically measured and improved to support service vision and values

Imagine how you can improve your success with MAGIC.

The MAGIC® Approach
Systematic. Quantifiable. Results-Driven.

Our MAGIC approach will get you on the right path to deliver exceptional customer service and foster continual improvement for lasting results.

Here's how our MAGIC approach will help you build a solid foundation for exceptional service


Can you easily quantify the impact of your current service training?

Our proven 33 Points of MAGIC measures the quality of your customer contacts and gives you a tangible snapshot of your culture.


Do you have a clear and inspiring vision and standards for your internal and external service?

We'll align your service vision, values, systems, and people to create a service standard.


Do you want your team to develop new, sustainable behaviors and skills?

Each of our MAGIC courses is tailored to your specific service needs. And our training is hands-on through real-life simulations to deliver the most effective training available.


How can you maintain performance and yield ROI?

Our training is reinforced through calibration sessions, coaching, refresher programs, e-learning tools, and consulting to support alignment between your objectives, system, leaders, and associates.

Enhance the power of your MAGIC® training initiative

MAGIC training sparks success and growth

Our MAGIC programs are the reason why thousands of sales and service associates are able to win the hearts and business of millions of customers worldwide.

Experience a meaningful and productive impact on day one. MAGIC programs deliver hands-on, simulation-based, experiential learning to help your associates

  • Improve their interactions whether on the phone, email, chat, text, or face-to-face
  • Learn and apply new and relevant skills to scenarios they face every day
  • Instantly hear and see the MAGIC difference in their communications
  • Recognize how their new skills can immediately transfer to their roles
  • Conquer even their most challenging and emotionally charged interpersonal situations

Empathy, respect, caring, and accountability are the core principles of MAGIC. By using these principles in all of our programs, we are able to actually transform behaviors from transactional to relational. Through this shift, employees gain a renewed appreciation of their critical role, and can more empathically relate to and serve their customers.

Spotlight Program

The MAGIC® of Customer Relations

Develop the skills and attitudes to provide exceptional service, over the phone or face-to-face.